It@School Ubuntu10.04 Installation Guide
1.Restart the computer.
2.Press DELETE button in the key board continuously. Or F2 button
3.Advanced BIOS Features- Enter

4.First boot device- CD ROM
5.Second boot device – HDD (Hard Disk)
6.Press F10 to save and exit the changes in the BIOS – Enter.

7.Insert the DVD and restart the System and wait for some time.
8.Select Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Click.
9.Select India (from the map ) and click the Forward button.
10.Keyboard layout – Sugested option USA – select – Forward.
11.Prepare disk space – select – Specify partitions manually (advanced ) – Forward
12.Prepare partitions –
(a) Select Free space . ( If there is no free space, select the last partitions of windows os or Linux older versions – Delete – and obtain free spacet )
(b) Add
13.Create partition – Create a new partition
Type for the new partition – Logical (As there is Windows OS exist)
New partition size in megabytes – 2000 (Double the size of RAM)
Use as – Select – Swap area – O K
14.Again select – Free space – Add
Type for the new partition – Logical
New partition size in megabytes – 30000 (If free space is upto 50000mb)
Use as – ext 4 journaling file system
Mount point -select – /home – OK
15. Again select – Free space – Add
Type for the new partition – Logical
New partition size in megabytes – 20000
Use as – ext 4 journaling file system
Mount point – select -/ – OK ( / means root) – Forward

16.Fill this page. ( Name, User name Password etc ) – Forward
17.Migrate documents and Settings – Forward
18.Ready to install – Install
19.Installing System – Wait (just 30 minutes)
20.Installation Complete – Restart now
21.DVD will eject – Press Enter key .

Ubuntu Installation using Pen Drive

1. Insert the Ubuntu DVD in the drive.
2. Insert a Pen Drive in USB Port. (more then 4gb memory)
3. Open the Startup Disk Creater’ window
System –> Administration –> Startup Disk Creater
4.One window appears
5. Click on ‘ Other ‘ button and select the Ubuntu iso image
6 Select the Pen Drive and click ‘ Format ‘.
7. If the Pen Drive is formatted and OK, then click the button ‘ Make Startup Disk ‘
8. After few minutes the disk creation completed message will appear.
9. Configure the System or Laptop without DVD Drive as Pen Drive as Ist boot device.
10 Insert the Pen Drive in USB Port and restart the system. You can install the Ubuntu with the help of pen-drive just like from Dvd.

To change user password in Ubuntu

1.Right click on empty space on desktop.

2. click on Open terminal

3.Type on the Open terminal  screen “passwd” and press enter button

4.Message comes like” Changing password for user”

5.Type the current password in (current) UNIX password:and press enter button

6. This will lead to another command Enter new UNIX password:    type new password which you would like to give and press enter button

7.Message comes like ” Retype new UNIX password:” retype the password once again here and press enter button

8. Message comes like” passwd: password updated successfully”

9. After this close the terminal and log out or restart the computer,then you have to log in with new password

How to install Samsung ML1660SPL PRINTER
1.Login as root
2.Insert the Linux Driver CD(Seperately given with the printer)
3.Copy the linux folder to the desktop
4.Open the folder-open cd root
5.Give permission to Autorun (right click -properties-permissions-read and write-check mark on exicute)
6.Double click on autorun-run in terminal-press enter-copy the the model ml-1660spl from the list and past it(where the cursor blinks)
7.press enter 
The Printer will Automatically install
Restart the system 

Try to open these in open terminal

(remember the first letter should be in small letter and there should not be space among the two words.)

lprint-print a file

lprm-remove jobs from print queue


du-estimate file space usuage

dc-desk calculator

df-display free disk space

gimp-open gimp

gedit-open gedit

blassic-open blassic

vlc-open vlc media player

ktechlab-open ktechlab

sunclock-open sunclock

geogebra-open geogebra

oowriter-Open Office Word processor

TO create folder in command line – right click mouse – open terminal – type mkdir enter space key then type the folder name press enter key.

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